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he LIS Section:

Is responsible for the single particle beam dynamics studies on LEIR, PSB, PS and SPS and studies of the optics of their transfer lines as part of the performance optimization of the PS-SPS Complex. That implies participation to machine experiments and studies, follow-up of the performance and improvements for the LHC beams and the fixed-target physics beams with particular emphasis on loss and radiation minimization, new beams preparation and contribution to LEIR, PSB, PS and SPS operation supervision;

Is in charge of the design, coordination and implementation of a new multi-turn extraction scheme for the PS and studies the application of similar schemes for future upgrades of the LHC Injectors in collaboration with TE/ABT.

Studies the beam dynamics issues related to the operation of the PSB with LINAC4 and in particular to the charge-exchange injection of high intensity high brightness H- beams (e.g. space charge effects) in collaboration with the ICE section

Contributes to the study effort for the upgrade of the LHC injectors (e.g. PS2, SPS Upgrade) and to R&D activities (e.g. Neutrino factory) in the frame of the FP7 EU Programme.

Is responsible for the coordination of the Ions-for-LHC Project and of the SPS Fixed Target Ion Project



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